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Code pour custominer login_next pour rediriger vers le dashboard

from Products.CMFPlone import PloneMessageFactory as _
import ZTUtils


util = context.plone_utils
membership_tool = context.portal_membership
if membership_tool.isAnonymousUser():
    REQUEST.RESPONSE.expireCookie('__ac', path='/')
    util.addPortalMessage(_(u'Login failed'), 'error')
    return state.set(status='failure')

came_from = REQUEST.get('came_from', None)
next = REQUEST.get('next', None)

# ajout de ces deux lignes pour rediriger immédiatement vers le dashboard en cas de connexion depuis la homepage

if came_from == context.portal_url():
   came_from = next = context.portal_url()+'/dashboard'

if came_from == 'saussure2014':
   came_from = next = context.portal_url()+'/dashboard'

# if came_from == "":
#   came_from = next = ''+'/dashboard'
# string:${portal_url}/@@personal-information


# if we weren't called from something that set 'came_from' or if HTTP_REFERER
# is the 'logged_out' page, return the default 'login_success' form
if came_from is not None:
    scheme, location, path, parameters, query, fragment = util.urlparse(came_from)
    template_id = path.split('/')[-1]
    if template_id in ['login', 'login_success', 'login_password',
                       'login_failed', 'login_form', 'logged_in', 'logout',
                       'logged_out', 'registered', 'mail_password',
                       'mail_password_form', 'register', 'require_login',
                       'member_search_results', 'pwreset_finish',
                       # We need localhost in the list, or Testing.testbrowser
                       # tests won't be able to log in via login_form
        came_from = ''
    # It is probably a good idea in general to filter out urls outside the
    # portal. An added bonus: this fixes some problems with a Zope bug that
    # doesn't properly unmangle the VirtualHostMonster stuff when setting
    if not context.portal_url.isURLInPortal(came_from):
        came_from = ''

if next:
    if not context.portal_url.isURLInPortal(next):
        came_from = next = ''

if came_from and not next:
    # If javascript is not enabled, it is possible that cookies are not
    # enabled.
    # If cookies aren't enabled, the redirect will log the user out, and
    # confusion
    # may arise. Redirect only if we know for sure that cookies are enabled.

    util.addPortalMessage(_(u'Welcome! You are now logged in.'))
    came_from = util.urlunparse((scheme, location, path, parameters,
                                query, fragment))

    # redirect immediately
    return REQUEST.RESPONSE.redirect(came_from)

state.set(came_from=came_from, next=next)

return state

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